Arturo Fuente cigars are some of the most coveted and well-loved cigars in the world. Every Arturo Fuente line has become highly famous in its own right. All are highly sought after, including the Don Carlos, Opus X, Hemingway, and the Grand Reserva lines. Arturo Fuente cigars are also all handmade using only the very best vintage tobaccos that is grown on a private family reserve in the Dominican Republic that has been set aside exclusively for the cultivation of this tobacco. There are multiple lines from which cigar aficionados can choose if you they to experience a full range of flavors and impeccable blends.

Gurkha cigars are Handmade in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Using only the rarest and finest aged tobacco leaf from several nations and methodically appointing them to each of their blends, you will delight in a multitude of luxurious and unique flavors. Tastefully appointed in artistically themed packaging, and sparing no cost on quality and presentation, Gurkha is often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of cigars”.

Bespoke Cigars Delivering Luxury Elegance,& Tradition: From the 1800s the Casdagli family produced and delivered luxury goods to the market place. To continue the family tradition Emanuel Casdagli’s great great grandson Jeremy Casdagli launched the Bespoke Cigar range in 1997. Bespoke Cigars consist of only superior long leaf tobacco, hand rolled by our master torcedores under direction of Bespoke’s master blender Hendrik Kelner Jnr . All our leaves have been sourced from private estates and aged between 3 to 9 years prior to rolling. An artisan’s cigar made with nature’s most valued resources.

Since the launch of its very first premium cigar line, The Tempus, Alec Bradley Cigar Company has been diligently catering to fans of boutique-style smokes…while delivering mass-market appeal in a vast range of blends, bodies, and flavor profiles crafted with top-of-the-line tobaccos. An expert combination of time-honored tobacco tradition and cutting-edge cigar creativity, the Alec Bradley lineup (with several of its premium cigar brands earning very high marks in popular cigar publications) is sure to feature a humidor staple that is perfect for every type of cigar connoisseur.

Expertly crafted by the renowned father-son team, this premium line of handmade cigars is built of the finest leaf from the Garcia family farms along with the finest wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos from several nations. All of the blends coming from Tabacalera My Father incorporate the traditional Cuban entubado style bunching (a process where the long filler leaves are rolled into tubes rather than bunched) thus enabling the cigars to burn and draw perfectly. Experience the profound flavors, quality artisanship and enjoy a completely new smoking experience in My Father’s always-excellent lineup.

The legendary Rocky Patel is one of the pioneers of the enormously popular boutique-cigar category. In addition, all of Rocky’s blends have consistently remained near the top of the list of quality small-batch cigar brands. At a factory in Nicaragua, Rocky Patel cigars are crafted with copious, complex flavors via the finest blends of premium tobaccos from a variety of nations and growing regions around the world. All of Rocky Patel’s cigars remain in high demand by consistently scoring 90+ ratings in top industry publications, and offering a dizzying array of blends that range from mild to knock-your-socks-off strong.

Popular for over 100 years, this was the first cigar crafted in the Dominican Republic. Today, this landmark operation, producers of some of the finest smokes on the planet offers several wonderful mild to fuller bodied blends that have joined ranks with their classic Connecticut wrapped cigar. Whether it is the 91-rated Corojo, the dark and delicious Doble Maduro, the Vintage Barrel aged, or the nutty and delightfully delicious Cameroon, the perfect blend (or more) awaits a home in your humidor.

Created by the artistic mind of cigar master Pete Johnson and manufactured under the supervision of Jaime Garcia at the famous My Father Cigar factory in Nicaragua, each Tatuaje cigar is handcrafted with Nicaraguan Cuban-seed tobaccos covered in either a gorgeous and tangy Ecuador-grown Habano wrapper or a thick and oily Connecticut broadleaf. This superior selection of medium-to-full-bodied cigars has gained worldwide acclaim for their opulent flavor and outstanding quality.

Royal Danish Regal Blend draws on Denmark’s rich tobacco history and uses the classic Danish aristocratic formula in this modern incarnation. By sampling Royal Danish Cigars Regal Blend, you can experience the refined and luxurious cigar of a Danish aristocrat.

Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samel, and the team of artisans at Nicaragua’s Drew Estate factory are known for their edgy and innovative take on cigarmaking, while also acknowledging and adhering to time-honored tradition. With such a unique and extensive catalog (including but not limited to the extremely popular infused ACID, Liga Privada, and Herrera Esteli lines), it is no surprise that Drew Estate also has an impressive collection of high ratings from cigar publications. Offering just about every style of premium handmade cigar a smoker could want (plus pipes and pipe tobaccos), Drew Estate has ensured that cigar connoisseurs of all kinds will find a favorite, whether truly traditional in style or on the cutting edge of cigar creativity.

The Quesada family has been a part of the tobacco world for over a century. When they first arrived in Cuba from Spain they were bakers. It was in the late 1800s that they began their tobacco business when a debt to the family was paid with tobacco. Antero Gonzales and his brother Constantino started a leaf purchasing company, working as tobacco brokers. 

Founded in 1994, La Flor Dominicana cigars have remained a top choice among smokers looking for very powerful, yet well-refined premium handmade cigars. With a fabulous reputation of creating one top-rated blend after another, these are some of the most sought after smokes in the world. Cigar Boutique is proud to carry a full line of La Flor Dominicana cigars with a wide range of unique flavor profiles, all expertly hand-rolled in Santiago, Dominican Republic using the finest aged long filler tobaccos and top-quality wrapper leaves in various shades.

Under the direction of brothers Eric and Bobby Newman, the J.C. Newman Cigar Company produces a portfolio of famous brands treasured by cigar lovers the world over. From the ultra-premium Diamond Crown, Diamond Crown MAXIMUS and Diamond Crown Julious Caeser to our ever-popular Brick House, Perla del Mar and Cuesta-Rey, to our value-priced Quorum and Factory 59’s, these brands are instantly recognizable to cigar aficionados everywhere.   

L’Atelier Cigars are handcrafted in Pepin’s My Father Factory and blended by cigar master extraordinaire Pete Johnson along with a couple of his cigar maven buddies and his beloved brother. These three masters of the leaf have put their knowledgeable heads together and created a winner. Crafted with only top-quality premium tobaccos, this limited-production handmade cigar is the very first L’Atelier Cigar to be finished with a unique style of wrapper leaf called Sancti Spiritus. It’s an expertly rolled cigar with a complex blend of pepper and dark coffee notes designed to accent the nuances of Sancti Spiritus. This is a premium cigar that provides real luxury at a very affordable price. 

Proprietary method blends premium single malt scotch or single malt whisky, with each element of the cigar, the filler, binder and wrapper. The tobacco is aged and then hand rolled in the true Cuban style with a traditional triple cap.  The result is a unique smoke that captures the distinctive flavors of a single malt scotch, providing a one of a kind experience and smooth clean draw from start to finish.  Elevate your drinking experience by pairing our premium scotch infused cigars with a glass of your favorite single malt scotch whisky.  

Hammer + Sickle Tradicion Serie is a hand furnished blend of three-year-old Dominican tobaccos rolled within a breathtaking 5-year aged Connecticut shade wrapper. A rich and creamy smoke, this cigar walks the line between mild and medium body with great leather and rare spice notes throughout. The Tradicion Series is exceptionally smooth, with subtle hints of pepper while coating the palate with creamy richness. Hammer Sickle Tradicion delivers a smoking experience befitting the most astute cigar lover.

The popular Kristoff Cigars have been pleasing cigar aficionados since 2004, by handcrafting some of the finest boutique cigars in the industry.  The company has built a stellar reputation using only the finest double, and triple-fermented premium tobaccos, rolled by master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience. The heralded Kristoff portfolio features a varied selection of unique and tantalizing blends created to accommodate every smokers taste. Just look at this impressive lineup. 

With three generations in the premium-cigar business, the Fernandez name connotes quality Cuban tradition. Today, this Nicaragua factory, headed by A.J. Fernandez, produces handmade cigars expertly crafted of only the highest-quality tobacco leaf that the selective team finds worthy of its expertly aged and blended cigars, including the many San Lotano lines that have earned numerous high scores in popular cigar publications. With its diverse catalog of so many premium-cigar styles (including the uniquely shaped San Lotano Oval), the team at AJ Fernandez has not only provided a blend, strength, and flavor profile for every preference but also a cigar event that goes beyond the typical smoking experience.

El Cedro Cigars was founded by Elboustani last year.  The El Cedro line was the first line launched by the company.  It was launched in a Corona Gorda and Robusto.  It featured a Dominican Havana Criollo wrapper grown exclusively for the Kelner family.  The cigar line is made at Hendrick Kelner Jr.’s Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF) in the Dominican Republic.

Blue Mountain Cigars is a family owned & operated business dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. In April 1995 cigar connoisseur and entrepreneur Marvin Wright started a cigars factory with his wife Jacqueline. Today in Nicaragua Marvin utilizes many of the old Jamaican traditions in cigars making, combined with many of the techniques and philosophies he learned from growers and master blenders Cuba. 

Created with passion by some of the world’s finest rollers our cigars offer complex, medium to full body profiles with refined balance. Having created luxury lifestyle experiences for decades, we are honored to present to you our exclusive line of Bugatti Ambassador, Bugatti Signature, and Bugatti Monte Carlo cigars as yet another such experience. 

From Christian Eiroa, a big name in bold smokes comes the CLE lineup of premium cigars.  The name bearing his initials, are handmade in Honduras and feature two very distinct blends. CLE Cuarenta made in honor of his 40th birthday, features a gorgeous Habano-seed wrapper covering a flavorful blend of aged long-fillers from the most fertile growing regions of Honduras. Medium in body, each skillfully crafted stick delivers mouthwatering notes of toast, sweet cedar, earth, coffee bean, and a pleasant hint of spice on the finish. CLE Corojo, an all- Honduran puro, comes with meticulously aged Honduran long-fillers grown from Cuban seeds, dressed in Christian’s lush signature Corojo wrapper. This medium-full bodied masterpiece produces a long, even draw that delivers vibrant notes of pepper, wood, espresso, and earth. Whichever blend you chose; expect to experience some of the finest luxury flavors ever found in a handmade premium cigar.

From the renowned Christian Eiroa’s Tabacaleras Unidas factory comes the Eiroa brand, an eponymous handmade premium cigar that’s expertly crafted with a consistent yet complex blend of hearty all-Honduran long-filler leaf.  Though it features a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile, Eiroa handmade premium cigars are rich and relaxing with a slow burn that allows smokers to savor the satisfying flavor of almonds accented by a zesty spice. Each banded with the Eiroa family motto “Salud Amor Pesetas” (Health Love Money), Eiroa cigars are packed 10 per each box uniquely secured with a leather strap in homage to the way Christian Eiroa’s grandfather stored his own smokes.  Bold smokes from a big name, the Eiroa brand is always a smooth, savory, and satisfying selection for cigar fans.



The Casa Turrent brand is making its American debut with an exceptionally flavorful blending of the finest tobaccos available. A gorgeous oily San Andrés Negro seed wrapper along with Mexican and Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos cultivated from Cuban-seed Criollo promises you a very memorable smoke.  Undeniably, Casa Turrent Serie 1901 delivers on this promise. This is a very intense and flavorful medium –bodied smoke with highly complex and balanced notes of coffee, wood, toasted almond, warm spice, cinnamon, and a rich buttery sweetness on the exhale.  Whatever negative pre-conceived notion you may have had about Mexican cigars, the Casa Turrent Serie 1901 will surely change your mind, because this is a truly delicious smoke!

Inca Cigars are a unique, one-of-a kind premium offering handmade in the company’s small factory in Tarapoto, Peru.  Crafted in very small batches, each stick goes through extensive quality control measures including individual draw testing to ensure you get a perfect smoke every time. One of a handful of all Peruvian blends in the world, Inca is complex, medium- full bodied, and full of naturally sweet and toasty flavors from the first draw right down to the nub.  For a wonderful change of pace, why not indulge yourself with a completely new smoking experience. 

Robert Caldwell is the man behind Caldwell Cigar Company. He has teamed up with his friends William and Henderson Ventura at Tabacalera Ventura to make small batch blends for his new company. Their mission statement is to bring you the finest quality product with great attention paid to every detail.  The three names of the Selección Junior Varsity have ties to the country of Spain. The Gibraltar is named for the island off the Iberian Peninsula. The Murcias, for a city in Southeastern Spain. Sevillana is a style of folk dance in the country of Spain.  The Caldwell Seleccion JV line is a new line that offers boutique style flavor at an affordable price.  

“Simply fine premium cigars.” History: In 1996, Louisvillian Ted Jackson was just dabbling in cigar making. But that year, Maker’s Mark approached him to create one specifically for a Roaring ’20s-themed Derby party they were hosting, and Ted agreed. Now, 20 years later, he sells 2 million cigars annually around the world.  

Five generations ago, my great-great-grandaddy set out on a path to make a life. But not just an ordinary life, a life that counted for something. For Family. For Friends. And for generations to come.  How it was for us: You either make it special, or you didn’t make it at all. Pride was something you earned. It was a life and a lifestyle our family relished. And we celebrated every moment, because we had created something of value. In life, that counts for something.  

Foundation Cigar Company is dedicated to quality, consistency, balance, flavor, and building brands with heart and soul.  With nearly 20 years of love and dedication for the industry, we merge old world traditions with modern day styles and customs to produce unique premium cigars.   Our goal is to work with specially selected tobacconists who recognize our passion and dedication for quality artesian products.   We have developed strong relationships with some of the best tobacco growers throughout the world and have established our production in the valley of Esteli, Nicaragua.   Founder and master blender, Nicholas Melillo has traveled the world procuring tobacco, toiled in factories overseeing production and blended some of the top-rated and best-selling cigars in the industry. Under his watchful eye Foundation Cigars are inspected and each bale of tobacco is smoked to verify flavor, combustion and aroma.  

Gilbert Bénédict Augustin de Montsalvat was born in Bourgogne in 1920 as the son of Hugo Comte de Montsalvat and Arlette Baronesse de Fontainville. He spent his grammar school in Paris between 1932 and 1937. Until 1943 he studied history, philosophy, and English literature in Cambridge. In 1938 he met Sigmund Freud in London. In 1942, Montsalvat suffered a serious traffic accident and spent several weeks in a coma. After studying, he worked for the French exile government in England until 1945 and returned to France only in 1946. Between 1946 and 1949 he worked in the paternal farms, which he sold in 1950. Until 1955 he stayed in Cuba, where he witnessed Batista’s coup against Prío Socarrás. In Cuba his love for tobacco and cigar woke up; Here he also began to submit a comprehensive documentation on the subject. In Havana, Montsalvat was even called jokingly “El Ministro de los Puros”… For more  

Boutique Blends Cigars was introduced to focus exclusively on the production and distribution of boutique brand cigars, including the Swag Puro Dominicano and the Aging Room Small Batch Cigars.  The project started at the end of 2010 with the introduction of the now popular Swag Puro Dominicano and later the Aging Room Small Batch M356.  Other Small Batch and controlled production lines have been released, like the Aging Room Small Batch Quattro F55.  Boutique Blends is a laboratory for the introduction of new and exciting blends to meet the ever expanding palates of cigar smokers in the USA and around the world.  The releases of Boutique Blends have been well received by consumers and critics alike with consistent ratings that range from 90 to 95 by Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Insider, Cigar Journal, and other specialized publications around the world. 

Marshall believes very strongly in aging cigars. The tobacco he uses is fermented four times and the wrappers on the DM Red Label cigars are of five year old Cuban seed tobacco. But, what is most intriguing about Marshall’s cigars is the aging process of the finished product. He is one of the only cigar makers who ages his cigars in a humidor for a full 12 months prior to release.     Daniel Marshall has created the “ultimate celebration cigar” – the Golden Cigar. It is 2011 Red Label blend wrapped in 24kt gold. This cigar has taken on a life of its own. There have been songs written about it and it has been featured in music videos. Countless Hollywood celebrities and world leaders have celebrated with a DM Golden Torpedo.  

Kaneda ® tradizione italian art cigars co. gives you the warmest welcome and invites you to enter into an exclusive cigar art world. One hundred percent handmade, created and designed in Italy, developed and manufactured in Costa Rica with tobacco leaves of the Americas.

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